3-Day Project Classes

3-day projects are reserved for designs that require a bit more instruction from Tony. Just as for 2-day Project Classes, this group of designs will provide for stunning completed projects.


Une Essamplaire des Dentelles en Forme D'un Mouchoir Pour Mon Ami Allana Stark
(Lani's Lace)

The third in the commissioned "Birthday" series, Lani's Lace is a gorgeous study and explanation of different kinds of lace: Valenciennes lace, point de maligne, Chantilly lace, point de gaze, alencon lace, and duchesse lace are all stitched on a beautiful lace background. The student chooses an initial from the alphabet to stitch into the center, personalizing this piece.

Lani's Lace is stitched on 24-count Congress cloth with silk, pearl cotton, and metallic threads, along with ribbon, lace, and beads.