4-Day Project Classes

4-day Project Classes began with Tony's first study of the textiles of the world. These international textile designs include six stunning canvases. All are stitched on 24-count Congress cloth to allow for fine detail in recreating the fabrics, and Tony has endeavored to replicate fabrics with breathtaking beauty.

In addition to the International Textile Series, Tony has created other 4-day projects, some of which are on 18-count canvas and others on 24-count Congress cloth. All incorporate metallic threads, silks, overdyes, ribbons, beads, and unique stitches. In each of these classes, all students work on the same project. In addition, Tony has created classes incorporating painted canvases.


Garden Party

Birds gather in the garden, and Tony embellishes them like no other. In a 4-day class, the Garden Party takes shape, starting with the marvelous painting of Vicki Sawyer, brought to you by Melissa Shirley Designs. 

Here, Tony has created a unique selection of stitch and thread selections lending realism to each bird and whimsy to its head adornment. Silk threads, overdyes, ribbons, beads, metallic threads, and more all combine to bring this canvas to life.

Because, after all, if birds can make nests why can’t they make hats?




Patterns of the Orient

Patterns of the Orient is the first in the series of Tony's study of international textiles. This piece is an exquisite study of Chinese, Japanese and Korean textiles. The design is presented in crazy quilt style using silks, metallics and metal bullions. Techniques employed include Bargello, flat chevron, vertical couching, overlapping lattice, cashmere, and others. It is stitched on 24-count Congress cloth.



Journey to Satchidananda

Second in the series of international textile design, this piece is devoted to the fabrics of the sari. Nothing defines a woman as being Indian as strongly as the sari. In this design, you will study 14 different fabrics and motifs from different areas of India. The types of patterns and fabrics are strongly governed by geographic location, regional culture and regional history, from the heavy fabrics of the north near the Himalayas to the sheer fabrics and cotton muslins in the south.

From the simple woven fabrics in the remote villages to the opulent gold encrusted and beaded fabrics of the royalty, the sari celebrates each area distinctly. This piece is stitched on 24-count Congress cloth using silk and metallic threads.

Three color choices best exemplify the diversity of the regional sari fabrics: Royal Colors (Central India), Buddha Colors (Southern India) and Northern Colors (Northern India).




In The Footsteps Of The Pharaohs 

The third in the series of international textile designs is a beautiful design in which the student will learn a history as well as wonderful new stitching techniques. Inspired by a column from the Portico of Edfu to the Royal headdress of Queen Nefertiti, In The Footsteps of the Pharaohs will transport the student back in time. This piece is stitched on 24-count Congress cloth using silk and metallic threads. 




Les Rubans Anciens (French Ribbons)

This is the fourth in Tony's international textile design series. This beautiful piece is based on the antique French ribbons that have been loved through the centuries. Stitched on 24-count Congress cloth with a selection of colorways, the student will work with techniques such as flat patterns, trellis patterns, couching patterns, crescents, and others using silk and metallic threads. Colorway choices are Antique and Jewel tones.


Out of Africa

The fifth in Tony's international textile design series takes the student to Africa. The piece is based on the fantastic African batik and mud cloth patterns from Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Senegal, Tanzania, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, with a pattern and necklace representative of Kenya. Beads, silk and metallic threads are used and are stitched on 24-count Congress cloth. The student will choose from two colorways: Original (colorful) or Neutrals.




Slava Russki (Russian Glory)

The sixth in Tony's international textile design series is Slava Russki, and it is based on Russian Fabrics. This is truly Russian "Glory" and is another phenomenal cultural medley of textiles, architecture, symbols, and artwork from the majesty of Imperial Russia. The finished piece includes a representation of the Catherine the Great's inaugural robe, the Imperial Romanov Double Eagle, a dome from the Cathedral of the Savior on Spilled Blood, and the Tsarevich Faberge Egg. The piece is stitched on 24-count Congress cloth using silks, metallic threads and beads.


A Charleston Garden

A Charleston Garden is a project's project! Look at the walls - all the bricks are stitched inside and out and then decorated with climbing roses, just as you would see in the great gardens of the South. In a perfect Charleston garden, five flowers are required: azaleas, gardenias, camellias, crepe myrtle, and noisette roses. Tony has included all of them, a fountain on the wall opposite from the gate, and a mirrored reflecting pool in the center. Finishing this masterpiece with stucco pillars, gates that are 3 ¼" wide, and hanging baskets outside the gates allows you to have your own perfect Charleston garden no matter where you live.

The garden is stitched on 18-count mono canvas. 




Tagasode is a study of the beautiful kimonos of Japan as they hang from their lacquered stand. This is a wonderful companion piece for The Ancient One and The Chinese Fan Bearer. Working with silks and metallics, the student will complete Tagasode on 24-count Congress cloth.