The Path to Embellishment

Some students want to really stretch their skill set and create their own stitches that they can then use in a stitch guide. Tony developed a class to take the student on the same journey he takes every time he interprets a painted canvas in order to create a stitch and thread guide.

Starting with shapes, he challenges the student to determine the angle of movement of the object and then to draw a stitch that will fit. He encourages openness of ideas, creativity, moving from comfort zone to pushing boundaries. His students work horizontal, diagonal, oblique, and laid stitches, dreaming up new ways to cover the canvas while doing justice to the area.

Tony Wonders on a Canvas.JPG

After intense time spent in design mode, Tony directs them to apply what they have created to a painted canvas and to select threads. Perspective, color, composition, and writing are just a few of the skills employed.

Over the course of time, the student will develop his/her own stitch book, an increased confidence in selecting the correct stitch and the correct thread for an area, and will make sure justice is done to the original artist's painting.

Painted canvas © Zecca

Painted canvas © Zecca


Tony encourages the creation of new stitches and techniques, moving outside comfort zones and having fun. Since stitching is always the last step after creating a stitch guide, Tony delights in seeing the results of the four days spent during the Pathways class.