Stitching Season!


Hi Everyone!!!


As the Midwest is being hit with some very wicked early wintry weather, the Mid-Atlantic States are bracing for their first dipping temps toward the freezing mark. This is good stitching weather…but you know what…every kind of weather is good stitching weather as far as I am concerned.


I, fortunately, after spending 4 great days at Creative Stitches and Gifts in Dallas with Cindy, Val and the wonderful gals who work there plus an amazing group of students, am on my way to the warmer climes of southern California. I will be at the Needle Nook of La Jolla for 4 days teaching an embellishment class with Fay, Roseann and the lovely ladies who work there plus another set of amazing students.


While I was in Dallas, Ka-Tzu happened to be there and I went to dinner with Ka-Tzu and a new friend, Betsy, a wonderful polymer artist who is a member of the Meraki Artists group. If you don’t know them or are not aware of them, please look them up on line ( Their work is just beautiful.


I am almost done teaching all my classes for this year and deep in prep for the first couple of months of classes for next year. Many embellishment classes and several project classes are on the calendar this upcoming year with some new shops to teach at. It is all so exciting.


Lou and I and my oldest and dearest friend, Joe Nassaney will be spending a well-deserved week of vacation at Joe’s Florida home. I can’t wait!!!!


Dinner is almost on the table (Mr. Nunez is a fabulous cook) but I want to leave you with one more thought on tracking patterns when stitching in Satin style. 

The orientation of the row of stitches is always opposite to the orientation of the stitch ie: a vertical stitch is stitched in horizontal rows, a horizontal stitch is worked in vertical columns, a diagonal stitch that slants from SW-NE is stitched in rows that slant form SE-NW. By stitching in this fashion, all threads wrap around the back properly and give clarity to both ends of the stitch so that the stitch patterns are well defined.



Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels for you or those who are visiting you and as always……Happy Stitching !!!!!