Ode to a Friend



As many of you may know, in early September the needlework community lost a valuable citizen, Elizabeth Ann (Beth) Robertson. I am very proud to have been able to call her colleague, fellow teacher and collaborator but the proudest was to have been able to call her friend. And when Beth was your friend she was your friend 200%. Beth was a quiet woman, talented beyond most people’s knowledge of her and not just in the needlework community. Beth’s accomplishments before she decided to embrace her artistic talents with the needle are huge especially in the world of communications and recently in the dog world.

Whenever I called Beth I was always greeted with a “Hi, Honey” and it was always sincere. I met Beth and Suzanne Howren at a TNNA show and we struck up and immediate friendship. We would meet at seminars both regional and national and our friendship grew. One day Beth offered her expertise with computer graphics should I ever need her help. Since my knowledge of computer graphics can’t even fill a thimble, I immediately said “YES”! It was the beginning of a wonderful collaboration. She was able to decipher what I wanted and made it look beautiful on the page.

Five years ago, Beth called me and asked what I thought about being part of a teaching team of four teachers focusing on canvas embellishment with Beth, Suzanne and Meredith Willett. Again, I immediately said,  “YES!” and the Fab Four was born. Besides being a talented designer and teacher, Beth became the Admin for the group, and as one student so perfectly said it, “ She was the glue that kept us all together”.

The three of us will continue with this collaboration, and for certain engagements will have a guest teacher as the fourth. I know Beth would want us to continue. She had a quiet strength and power that made you stay on track.

Out of the classroom, in a social setting, Beth wasn’t always so quiet, and her laugh could be infectious letting her friends always know how much she enjoyed being with them. I hope she realized how much we all loved being with her. She will be missed more than she ever realized. I have a special place in my heart, as I am sure many of her friends do, that I will carry her with me always.


Good bye, Honey!!!