Alive and Well and Building a Snowman


My last blog let you know that Lou and I were experiencing some health issues. I think the terminology was a bit misleading. Contrary to popular belief, I am not on death's doorstep and not cutting back my 2016 schedule.

The end of December and beginning of January were tough for us. I had pneumonia, Lou had back problems, shingles and an upper respiratory infection. I am fine now. Lou’s respiratory infection is resolved, the worst of the shingles is passed, and he is now in pain management for his back.

Many of you were very concerned and we thank you for that. The timing was awful.  We could not celebrate the holidays with Lou’s parents like we had planned, and I couldn’t get to the trade show. BUT, we are fine!!!!!

Thank you all for your caring concern. Now we are shoveling the snow off the driveway after the epic storm! And we hope that all of our friends have weathered this storm without too much trouble.



               & Kazoo