Tony's Stitch & Thread Guides

Tony has created many custom stitch and thread guides for many painted canvases, and you are just a couple of clicks away from having the one you need. These stitch and thread guides are available electronically, so you will download the copy once you have checked out. 

Stitch guides are electronic - you will download your copy after your purchase is complete. The software allows a 24-hour window after purchase in which to complete the download. If you miss it, simply email Kazoo who will be happy to send you a new link.

OnDemand guides mean we will either send you the guide via email OR we will send you a link to download it. Either way, you will immediately get a VOUCHER for the guide which explains the process.

Purchasing a Stitch & Thread Guide from Kazoo's store is a LICENSE which allows your personal use of the guide. You may print it out for your personal use, but it may not be copied, loaned, sold, traded, bartered or used in any form by anyone other than the original purchaser.

The seller reserves the right to decline an order from a customer who does not comply with these terms.

NOTE:  The painted canvas associated with the guide is not included with the price of the stitch and thread guide. We don't sell canvases or threads.

Because Tony doesn't stitch all of the guides that he creates, we depend on stitchers to send us photographs of their completed stitching. When we receive these, we post them to Tony's Facebook page under the photo album "Tony's Stars". You can also see the finished pieces on Kazoo's Pinterest page HERE.

No picture of  finished stitching is included with the guide.

PLEASE review Terms & Conditions before making your purchase.

 You can search for available guides by selecting any of the designers listed. Alternately, you can search by descriptions or by artist names by using the search section below.

Winter 2018

ON DEMAND Stitch and Thread Guides:  When you order an ON DEMAND Stitch and Thread Guide, this means you will receive a VOUCHER for the guide. The actual guide either be emailed to you OR we will post it within 72 hours of your purchase and send a new email. During sales it may take a little longer.

STITCHED MODELS:  We love to get pictures of your stitching! Keep sending them to Kazoo. We are adding these to the store listings and also to a Pinterest page. You can see all of them on Pinterest here: Kazoo's Pinterest Page.

It's wonderful to have pictures of finished pieces, and we love to share them. Please remember that the stitcher may have made changes to the guide that Tony wrote, and those changes will not be reflected in the guide that you purchase here.

Additionally, we recognize that someone out there might decide to blow up a picture that we share and then (attempt to) graph their own stitches. This is, in effect, stealing, and is mean. Please don't do it.



Stitch and Thread Guides are available for canvases available from the following artists and designers. Click on an artist or a designer to access the Stitch & Thread guides for their canvases. You can also search  using the "Search" bar above.

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