Terms and Conditions

EU RESIDENTS - because of the modifications to the Value Added Tax (VAT) which must be collected on customers who live in the European Union, you cannot order a digital download from Kazoo's Store. If you would like to purchase Tony's Stitch and Thread Guides, please contact Kazoo directly for help.

Stitch and Thread Guides

Purchase of a Custom Stitch and Thread Guide from Anthony Minieri Designs grants you the LICENSE to use it. US Copyright Law is different for electronically delivered documents than it is for paper ones. Because of that, you are not authorized to sell, trade, loan, reproduce, barter, or share it in any form, either printed or electronic. You may not share the link you receive to download the Guide.

You may print one (1) copy of this guide for personal use.

The seller reserves the right to decline an order from a customer who does not comply with these terms.

OnDemand - If your Stitch and Thread Guide states that it is "OnDemand", you will receive a link to download within 72 hours, unless a different timeline is noted, which may be the case during heavy sales times. This means you will receive 3 emails from us - the first two come automatically after you've completed your sale and confirm your purchase and provide a download of the OnDemand Voucher. The third one provides the actual link to download the stitch guide. 

Regardless of whether your Stitch and Thread Guide is instantly available for download or part of an OnDemand purchase, the link you receive for your purchase allows you twenty-four (24) hours to complete the download. In the event that the link expires before you have time to complete the download or if you need help, please contact Kazoo.

You are purchasing a LICENSE to use the Stitch and Thread Guide only. Neither the canvas nor the threads and embellishments listed in the guide are included! Your local needlepoint shop can help you with these. If you need direction on where to go, please see the list of needlepoint stores with whom Tony works here.

The seller reserves the right to decline an order from a customer who does not comply with these terms.

PLEASE READ:  Sometimes Tony lists a thread or bead (or something) in the materials list that is ultimately not used in the guide. PLEASE review the materials list and compare it to the materials used in the guide. You may need to make adjustments to what you purchase in order to stitch the piece.

Stitch & Thread Guides do not include any materials. Please work with your local needlepoint store to secure the threads and adornments you will need.

The Stitch & Thread Guide does not include a color copy of the canvas. Be sure you make a copy of your canvas so you have it for referral while stitching.

The Stitch & Thread Guide does not include a picture of a stitched canvas.

Tony appreciates your understanding that creation and sale of Stitch and Thread Guides is his livelihood.

Return Policy

Anthony Minieri Stitch & Thread Guides are not returnable unless they are illegible. Please review your download carefully and contact Kazoo immediately if there is an issue. Please complete your download within twenty-four (24) hours of purchase.

Anthony Minieri Designs does not guarantee the reproduction of the painted canvas, its size or the quantity of thread needed to complete an embellishment guide. While every effort has been made to ensure your complete satisfaction, it is possible that thread quantity may need adjustment or that small areas may have been omitted in the guide. Upon occasion, the thread number may have been mistyped in the guide. Please look at the canvas and compare the area to the thread color on the guide. You may need to adjust! Consult your local needlepoint store for thread substitutions or help with stitches. 

DVDs are not returnable unless defective. Please contact Kazoo within seven (7) days of receipt if there is an issue.

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Ka-Tzu Unique Beads

Ka-Tzu Unique Beads uses high quality beads, leather and/or findings that are coupled with either silver-plated or gold-plated metal toggles, clasps or other metal components. No precious metal is used in their construction.

All Ka-Tzu Unique Beads items are carefully inspected and carefully wrapped prior to shipping. Please check your purchase as soon as it arrives. If you have an issue, please contact Kazoo within seven (7) days of receipt. 




A purchase from Ka-Tzu or Tony Minieri Designs requiring physical shipment will be insured and shipped 2-day Priority via USPS, unless otherwise specified. A signature will be required upon delivery. Once we have shipped your purchase, you will receive the USPS (or other) Tracking Information so you can track its progress. In the unlikely event that it does not arrive on time, it is the purchaser's responsibility to track and communicate with USPS.

Once your package is accepted by USPS (or other delivery service, if used), the responsibility of the package lies with the courier, not Ka-Tzu or Tony Minieri Designs. No refunds will be made on lost shipments until insurance reimbursement is made on the item or items.

Any delivery issues should be addressed by the purchaser directly with USPS or other carrier, if used.

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